What Can I Do to Pay My Bills While My Case Is Pending?

Getting hurt in an accident can be extremely stressful. Not only are you worried about making a full recovery from your injuries, but you’re also facing the high cost of an accident, such as high medical bills, missed work, and transportation costs. Many clients’ first question to their personal injury attorney is, “When will I get paid?” Unfortunately, personal injury lawsuits don’t always move as quickly as we’d like them to, and it can be impossible to provide an accurate answer as to when a claim or lawsuit will resolve.

These high and unanticipated expenses, alongside reduced income from missed work due to injury, can leave you wondering how your bills will get paid as you wait for a settlement or lawsuit verdict. You’ve already taken the most important step to ensure you make a full financial recovery for your injuries if you’ve hired a personal injury attorney. In addition, consider the following options for staying afloat while your New Jersey personal injury lawsuit is pending.

Continue medical treatment through the use of medical liens

Depending on the type of accident you’ve had or the treatment you need, your medical insurance may not completely cover the costs of your treatment or rehabilitation. Even with medical insurance, copays can mount up when you’re at the doctor repeatedly. Foregoing medical treatment can not only be a detriment to your health; it can also harm your case by making it appear that you’re less injured than you are, and result in a lower award than you deserve. Speak with your attorney about arranging for a medical lien between your doctors and lawyer. Medical liens create a contractual arrangement whereby you can continue receiving treatment while your lawsuit is ongoing without having to pay upfront, and when the lawsuit resolves, your medical professionals receive payment directly from the proceeds of your lawsuit. This way, you can still focus on healing from your injuries, while also affording other living expenses.

Lawsuit funding can offer you an advance on your eventual award

When you’ve been out of work for an extended period of time due to your injuries, medical liens may not be enough to allow you to keep up with the essentials of living. If this is the case, you may want to explore lawsuit funding, otherwise known as lawsuit settlement loans. With lawsuit funding, you can receive an advance in cash based on a percentage of what the lenders have reason to believe you’ll recover in your lawsuit. While these loans can be a necessary life raft when you’re out of work, they do come with high fees and interest rates, so be sure to carefully research your options before agreeing to a lender.

If you or someone you love has been hurt in an accident, slip-and-fall, or from a dangerous product, seek out compassionate, knowledgeable, and determined legal help for your New Jersey personal injury lawsuit by contacting Wayne personal injury law firm De Frank, McCluskey & Kopp for a consultation on your case, at 1-844-465-4487.

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